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Once a painter after days of hard work created an outstanding painting. He wanted to know people’s opinion, he placed it in the city’s circle and wrote below…if you find any mistake in this painting please mark it with x sign.
In the evening he noticed his painting had x sign all over his painting…he was disappointed…tears running down his cheeks..went to his master and informed…in future I will not paint anything in my life!
Master convinces painter to recreate his painting and advises him to write below any fault can be corrected with brush and colors kept here.
After a week painter comes & observes his painting…to his surprise there was no correction made in his painting.
He was surprised..when correction was suggested no one came forward but to point mistakes many had volunteered.
I hope you have understood the moral of lesson learnt…😊



In New York, two beggars were sitting side by side, one with “OM” sign and the other with “CROSS” sign.
People passing that area were giving dirty 😡 look to the beggar carrying the OM sign but giving a dollar to the one carrying the CROSS sign.
This was going on, when a father of a church was passing by and noticed this. He came to beggar who was carrying the OM sign and told him that you are in a country, where people follow Christianity. You being a Hindu will hardly get any alms. Just to make you feel jealous and frustrated people are giving dollars to your counterpart.
After the Father left, the beggar carrying the OM sign said the following in Gujarati to his counterpart:-
“Jignesh Bhai”?
“Yes Mansukh Bhai”
Now this Father will teach us how to do business!!!!

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